Wednesday, August 29, 2012

S'mores bars, fudgesicles, and a new take on rice crispy treats

Hello friends.  I have to apologize for not being around so much lately.  I am finally unpacked and have my kitchen in order as well as most of the rest of my life, but you see I'm guilty of ignoring this blog, not because of unpacking, but because I was reading again.  Nothing in my life gets done when I pick up a book.

Anyhow, here I am with a few internet finds.  All three of these will have to be modified a bit to fit our lifestyle, but it can be accomplished quite easily.  First up are a new twist on rice crispy treats.  For these I use sunbutter and mixed in a bit of not nuts trail mix just because.

From kumquat I found a recipe for fudgesicles!  On a side note, what is a kumquat?  This is another one that calls for peanut butter.  I used wowbutter this time.  Obviously, make sure you are using dairy free chocolate chips as well.  Oh, and if you don't have/use coconut oil, canola works just the same.

And last, but certainly not least, S'mores bars!  I haven't made these yet, but they have to be great.  I'm  actually looking forward to my stroll through the cereal isle this week.  There are a few substitutions for this recipe as well, but it is super easy.  Dairy free chocolate instead of the regular chips, margarine for butter, and make sure to read your marshmallow bags!  They are not always safe.  

Hope you saw something delicious tonight.  See you in a few days with a homemade treat!

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