Saturday, January 28, 2012


It has been a long week in the kitchen for me.  I have been working on a lemon cake and it seems to have a bitter after taste no matter what I try.  I have switched from soy milk to rice milk and it was still a flop, and I also tried a new egg replacer that failed miserably.  So, after 3 tries I gave up on it for this week.  I will figure it out though!  So instead of lemon cake or lemon blueberry loaf I am going to pass along a quick and easy recipe that works great.  I love those cinnamon bread sticks from a certain pizza chain, you know the ones with the creamy frosting drizzled on top.  I threw this together on a whim one night and the entire cookie sheet got eaten at once!

One tube of Pillsbury pizza dough (classic not thin)
Sugar and cinnamon mixed together
one stick of earth balance butter
powdered sugar
whichever milk replacement you use ( I used soy milk)

So I covered a cookie sheet with parchment paper because I always seem to burn the bottom of the canned dough. I put the earth balance in a bowl and microwaved it until it was melted.  In a separate bowl I combined the cinnamon and sugar.  Just mix it to your taste.  Now, pour the butter onto the cinnamon sugar mix.  Just enough to make a thick sludge.  If its too runny it will all melt off during baking.  Pop the can of pizza dough and roll it out on your cookie sheet.  Next dump the contents of the bowl on top and spread the mixture evenly over the dough.  Bake according to the instructions on the can.  While the dough is baking, mix powdered sugar, what ever milk replacement you like, and a bit of vanilla to make a glaze.  Once your dough comes out of the oven drizzle the glaze on top.  Don't be shy, put on as much as you like as it does kind of absorb into the dough.  Enjoy!

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