Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vegan Pound Cake and School Party Ideas

Ok, so first off I have to share what I found tonight.  A vegan pound cake!  It is all ready to go, except this recipe has almond extract.  I'm going to try just leaving it out and see how it goes.  If it tastes OK there will be fresh strawberries and coconut whipped cream on top.  

Now, I've been slowly collecting some ideas for school party treats on pinterest.  I realize that's nuts for two reasons
1)  My daughter isn't even school aged
2) We haven't decided if she is going to public school

Nevertheless, I have been doing it so I just as well share in case some of your children are school aged.  I can only imagine birthday parties can be pretty hard to deal with.    So the pinner for this idea doesn't seem to have a source, so I can't properly give credit, but here is the picture.  I would use a minute maid apple juice, but use whatever you like.  Those are raisin boxes for the feet if you can't tell.

cute right?

On intimate weddings  they made homemade cookies and placed them in CD sleeves.  I thought the idea was cool, but wonder if schools let you bring homemade treats anymore.  You could even use the printer and list the ingredients on back I bet. 

homemade chocolate chip cookies

Over at The Princess and the Frog they made some cute caterpillars by putting grapes on kebabs.

Now on to Fox News.  Yes, you heard me right.  They posted an article earlier this month about allergen free snacks for school.  I'm so glad that someone had the thought to make this list of prepackaged goodies that are safe.  

One final thing I want to share with you.  I follow the nut free mom blog and in March she posted about safe Easter parties at school.  In the comments section, she got one of "those" responses.  You know the " your kid is the center of the universe, we should eat what we want" kind of people.  I hope that I always remember the way she responded, because it's perfect.  She was never negative or rude and actually got her point across very well and educated people in the process.  I hope that when my day comes, I can do as well as Jenny did.  Check it out.

Thanks to Caroline from grateful foodie for sharing her page on making the robot valentines.  Here she has step by step directions, and below is a picture of her robots.

part of the food allergy friendly robot army

I'm going to keep adding to this post as I find more options, so make sure to check back in.  

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  1. Hi there!!! Here are a version of this robot we made for Valentine's Day. I copied from my friend who had one sitting on the counter. They are adorable.