Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Finds

Hey all, I know it's getting close, but better late than never right.  The Fourth is just a couple days and I thought I would pass along some "safe" treats that I have found.  Over at a pumpkin and a princess they made star shaped mini pies.  I love the idea, but instead of using that crust, I'll just buy the Pillsbury pie crusts that are in the refrigerated section.   

cute right!

I also found a bomb pop recipe that I can really agree with.  All there is to this recipe is fresh fruit and coconut milk.  I haven't decided if I will use coconut milk or vanilla soy yogurt for the white layer yet.  Check out the recipe.  You can find the recipe at family fresh cooking

July 4th Rocket Pops on Family Fresh Cooking blog IMG-6105

In the idea room I found a recipe for patriotic candied popcorn.  The best part is you already have the ingredients in the pantry.

red white blue popcorn 4

Finally, at 5 minutes for mom I found these super cute rice crispy wands.  The only substitution is margarine for butter.  I'm definitely taking these to our 4th party, and I think it's going to be a hit with the kids.  I mean whats better than a portable treat

Rice Krispies Treat Sparklers

On last thing.  Did you know that if you dip a marshmallow in water, you can then roll it in sprinkles and they will stick?  I saw someone do that tonight and wondered why I never thought of it.  Oh well, at least I know now.  Hope you all have a great holiday.  


  1. I'm testing out some of these wonderful ideas that you have brought us. Thank you for your finding such fun finds. I just had to share about your site on my food allergy and asthma blog! Keep up the good work:

  2. Thanks so much! I follow you as well and love your site.