Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avacado Pasta, Soynut Butter Bars, and Banana S'mores

When my daughter was first diagnosed with food allergies we didn't really change anything in our house, except my diet.  I was still nursing and I don't think that my husband or I really understood the world we had just stepped into.  Once she was old enough to start getting into everything and eating whatever she could get her hands on, I realized we had to make our house allergy free if I was going to have any sanity at all.  I would never really be able to relax at home worrying that she might pick up some crumbs off the floor, or that a table or pan might not get washed well enough.  For me, going allergy free was the only option.  Sometimes I have these cravings though.  I've been thinking about scrambled eggs for three days and I finally gave in tonight.  When my husband got home I snuck off to sonic and got a bacon scambler.  It was everything I never get eggs, toast with butter, and cheese.  YUM!  Anyone else sneak out for guilty treats?

Well, that was way off topic.  Tonight I'm starting with a dinner option, Avocado pasta.  Avocado's are a great source of unsaturated fat, fiber, potassium, and vitamins c and k.  I ate my first avocado at 26 years old and now I'm in love with them.  So here is another option for you to use on your pasta instead of spaghetti sauce  just omit the cheese.


Next up comes a recipe from Caroline at gratefulfoodie.  If you haven't checked out her blog you really should.  Read her post on being blasted in the face by peanuts when you have a few minutes.  I was horrified and laughing at the same time.  She is quite a writer, and managed to get a serious message across without any negativity.  I wish I could make a serious point without sounding accusatory, but I'm not so great with words.  Anyways, last week she posed a recipe for soynut butter squares, using WOW Butter, and you all know by now that it is my favorite. So here it is.

a piece of the soynut butter square before I tested it..

Finally is a banana s'mores recipe.  I remember one of my friends made a version of this for her milk, egg, and nut allergic son and it was a hit.  If I remember correctly, she used teddy grahams.

Easy Grilled Banana S'mores Recipe

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