Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smores, Blueberry oat bars, and Vanilla cake - All wheat free too!

Hi everyone!  Sorry I missed you on Saturday.  I attempted to make a strawberry cake mix and it didn't turn out quite right.  I ran out of time to redo as I had to prepare for our Easter festivities.  

We had this taco pasta for supper tonight and it was great!   I found it on pinterest and decided to go for it.  Instead of using the cream cheese and sour cream the recipe calls for, I added a half cup of tofutti sour supreme and skipped the shredded cheese topping.  Seriously, give it a try.  I had whole wheat pasta in the house but use whatever kind you like.

Next up is something I found at the grocery store this week.  I was strolling through the health market at Hy-Vee and ran across this.  A meal that's ready to go, and doesn't have to be refrigerated!  Where have you been all my life.  It comes with Enjoy Life's not nuts mix and one of their chocolate cookies.  You also get Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers (wheat free) a tube of sunbutter and fruit chews.  This meal with definitely be accompanying us on our next day trip to see the doctor.

Now for a couple recipes.  Everyone loves s'mores right?  Because I cant think of anything better than chocolate and marshmallows.  I regularly find myself surfing around on vegan websites since their recipes are always egg and milk free.  The other night I found myself at Manifest Vegan staring at these s'more bites.  They are now on my to do list.

Another of my favorite sites to peruse is fatfreevegan.  Since I obviously eat so much crap food all the time, if I can find something healthy that tastes great I'm on it.  I'm sharing her recipe for blueberry oat bars, and am planning to eat one for breakfast tomorrow.

Blueberry-Oat Bars

See you on Saturday.  Hopefully with a few of those cake mixes worked out.  

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