Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cadbury, Reese's, and Cookie Dough Eggs

Happy Easter!  
Look at this cake.  It's beautiful isn't it?

 Soon it will be that time of year where we all send our children out into the yard and community to run wild and lay claim to all the candy they can find.  Great for other kids, not so much mine.  My daughter is four now and I have found that she is finally beginning to feel left out.  My Mom is awesome.  Let me say it again, My Mom is awesome.  She has always made sure her home is "safe" and has made it a point to have treats for my daughter at all times.  However, my daughter now knows about the aisle at the store where all the candy is and she knows that she can't have 95% of it.  This year I decided to find some ways to make some of the typical Easter treats.  I found these three recipes  and figured they can be easily modified to be made safe for us. 

First up from the Whimsical Princess are Reese's Eggs.  I am going to have to substitute almost every ingredient, but I think it will still work.  For peanut butter I am using WOW butter, I am using earth balance margarine, rice milk for milk, and enjoy life chocolates.  


Next up are Cadbury Truffles I found at www.indieprettyprojects.com  I bought a plastic deviled egg tray at dollar tree and plan on molding the filling in the tray and refrigerating it and then coating them in the enjoy life chocolates.  That way I get the egg shape.  The only substitutions needed here are earth balance for butter, and enjoy life chocolates for the dairy version.


Finally, Chef Chloe brings us the perfect recipe, no subs needed.  This recipe is for chocolate chip cookie dough truffles but I am going to mold the dough in the deviled egg tray before dipping to get the right shape.  

Vegan Cookie Dough Truffles

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