Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plentils, granola bars, and Raspberry Breakfast Bars

I found a new product from enjoy life this week.  They are called Plentils and I will be running out to purchase some as soon as our store gets some in.  From what I understand, they are like chips, but are made from lentils, and come in flavors like margherita pizza and dill and sour cream.  check them out at http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/plentils/

Next up are some chocolate chip granola bars from Lauren at Laurens Latest.  The only modifications you will need to  make are substitute the butter with earth balance, fleishman's, or whatever dairy free margarine you use.  Also make sure to use safe chocolate chips like enjoy life or divvies.  Hope you enjoy them.  They look great.

granola bars 6

Finally, from Smitten Kitchen, I found a raspberry breakfast bar.  I'm planning to make these with strawberry as my daughter won't touch raspberries.  Here's the link.  The only changes here would be to switch out the butter with a "safe" margarine (see list above) and if you have a wheat allergy, I bet your gf blend would work well too.

raspberry crumb bars

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