Monday, July 30, 2012

Double chocolate cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and S'mores pie

Hi everyone,  I didn't get to do any baking again this week because we are in the middle of moving.  I actually pulled a cookie sheet out tonight, baked chicken, and when the timer went off I realized I had packed the hot pads and towels already!  So we had some chicken for supper, and no dessert, but you don't have to.  Tonight I thought I would share a couple more finds with you.

First up are these amazing double chocolate cookies from the allergic kid.  Libby actually won the Divvies Cookie Contest with this recipe.  

Next, from speed bump kitchen, comes ice cream sandwiches.  The recipe calls for cake flour and the only two boxes we had here said may contain peanuts so I made my own.  To do that, place 2 Tbsp. of cornstarch into the bottom of a one cup measuring scoop.  Fill the rest with flour and sift it twice.  I also have to say, this is the simplest ice cream recipe I have ever seen.  Give it a try.

Finally comes S'mores Pie, because what could be better than chocolate and warm, gooey marshmallows?   We don't have ricemellow cream here, so my plan of action is to just dump a bunch of mini marshmallows on top for the last 5 minutes.  Hope it works.  Looks delicious right?

I'm going to be offline until we get our new cable/internet hooked up.  Hope it's not too long.  Have a great week.

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